College of Technical Engineering
It was established in (2007), and it is concerned with studying specialized knowledge in computer technology engineering. The study extends for four years in the English language for the morning and evening studies. The graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree, which qualifies him to practice the profession of computer engineer in the governmental and private sectors, in addition to the possibility of completing postgraduate studies. from which (831) students graduated until the academic year 2019-2020.
Count of students, Faculty of Dentistry, Al-Kafeel University
YearCollege or departmentStudyStageTotal number of studentsGender
2021-2022Technical technicalMorning125187
sub sum18013941
sub sum1179918
total sum29723859
2022-2023technical engineering/
Computer technology engineering
sub sum17813840
sub sum1038617
total sum28122457
About College of Technical Engineering


That the college be one of the scientifically and internationally sound academic institutions that embodies human and Islamic values.



The college seeks to occupy a distinguished position among law colleges at the local, Arab, and regional levels by providing a distinguished environment for teaching, learning, scientific research, and community service.


  • Providing the appropriate scientific environment to unleash creativity in various legal sciences, by adopting distinguished academic programs.
  • Providing the legal institutions in the state agencies with jurists and specialists in the branches of law who possess cognitive, professional and moral values.
  • Working to encourage scientific research, provide facilities, and create the appropriate atmosphere to encourage researchers to complete research.
  • Building cultural and scientific relations with law faculties in Arab and international universities with a high academic level to benefit from expertise and scientific research.
  • Clear and effective contribution to improving university legal education through acquiring high knowledge and applied skills to practice legal professions.
  • Effective contribution to developing and disseminating legal culture, and directing it to serve the needs of society.
  • Ensuring adherence to the ethics and values of practicing the legal profession.

Location: West of the site to the north of the pharmacy building

Area: 1250 square meters

Number of floors: 3 floors in addition to the ground floor, each with a height of 4 meters

The ground and first floor contain:

6 laboratories with an area of 80 square meters, each laboratory has a room for its administration

Two laboratories with an area of 120 square meters, with a laboratory management room

Four lecture halls with an area of 100 square meters and a theater with an area of 40 square meters

Four rooms for teachers and a room for the dean.


Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Engineering Drawing
Electrical and Mechanical Workshops
Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
Commuter Organization
Computer Programming
Digital Electronic
English Language
Democracy and Human Rights
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Computer Applications
Microprocessor Architecture
Instrument and Measurement
Communication Fundamentals
Computer Programming II
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Engineering Analysis
Real Time Systems Design
Digital Signal Processing
Computer Network Fundamentals
Digital Communications
Control Engineering Fundamental
Database Systems
Networks Simulation
Title Lectures Course Syllabus
Advanced Computer Technology
Mobile Communications
Project Management
Information Theory and Coding
Security of Computer and Networks
Computer Networks Protocols
Multimedia Computing
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
9:00 computer programming 1 Mathematics 1 Foundations of electrical engineering Calculator installation Democracy and human rights Arabic english language
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
9:00 computer applications Microprocessor architecture + english language electronics Mathematics 2 Instrumentation and measurements computer programming 2 Engineering drawing (practical lesson only)
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
9:00 Database systems Engineering analytics digital signal processing computer network simulators Fundamentals of computer networks Fundamentals of control engineering Design of real time systems
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
9:00 multimedia computing Information theory and coding Mobile communication systems Advanced computer technology computer network protocols Computer security and networks project management Professional ethics

Asst.Prof Ali Jasim Ramadhan Alaameri
Asst. Teacher
Lect.Prof Yahay Mahdi Hadi Al Mayali
Asst.Lect.Dr Ali Abdel Zahra Jalil
Asst.Lect Ahmed Abdulrazzaq Yassin
Asst. Lecturer
Asst.Lect Zainab Sabah Idan
Asst. Lecturer
Asst.Lect Tabark mohammed abd
Asst. Lecturer
Asst.Lect Zaid Saad Hussein Al-Saba
Asst. Lecturer
Asst.Lect Ahmed Ali Talib
Asst. Lecturer
Asst.Lect Reham Moein Hashem
Asst Lecturer
Asst.Lect Zainab Salam Abdul Shahid Kazem
Asst . Lecturer